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How To Do Chat in Gmail?

We generally use mailing sites for mail only. Of course, mailing sites are for mails, what else can be their use? But no, the answer today is no. Gmail has introduced some new features recently. Now, you can even chat to your contacts through your gmail account in three different ways

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Top 7 Gmail features hiding in plain sight

In all honestly, even for simpler things, we do depend on Gmail. Funny thing is, there is a plethora of mail services out there, but most of the tech populace gravitates towards the holy grail of email service provided by Google itself.

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How to Sync Your Contacts between your Gmail Accounts

Gmail allows synchronization of contact list between foreign Email applications; namely Outlook, hotmail and the likes. But there are times, when certain situations arise when you have to sync in multiple Gmail accounts to access the contact list of both.

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