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Forgotten Gmail Password, Gmail Password Recovery team Australia is there to rescue

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For recovering Gmail password and regaining access to account, user can start with the steps below mentioned:

  • Ensure you have either
  • a. have an optional/ secondary email address only for your account or
    b. for 5 days have not signed into your account.
  • Select 'Forgot password?' on sign in page.
  • If required, enter full email address over 'Enter your email on the Account support page'.
  • Select 'Next'.

Gmail now will ask some questions in order to make you the owner of the account. For every question:

  • Either enter each answer or the user can click 'Next' or
  • Select 'Try a different question' if the user cannot respond or don't have access to the other means that is an optional email address, or a telephone number.

What Questions Will Google Ask to Verify your Gmail Account?

Below are the questions which Gmail may asks but not necessarily in the same specific order:

  • A previous or last password:
  • a. If the user have changed their password and only can recollect the (or any) previous one, user can enter it.
  • Confirm by using a code (with 2-step verification enabled for the Gmail account):
  • A contact number set up for recovering Gmail account:
  • An optional/ secondary email address for account recovery:
  • a. To reset the Gmail password, follow the link sent by Google on the email address provided.
    b. User can also enter any email address for receiving verification code.
  • A security question for password recovery:
  • During account set up:

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